Writing and teaching writing from the heart is what I do.

I write about what I care about, what I am passionate about and often what I am disturbed about. I write to try and understand myself and where I am in the world, and to understand other people how different, yet how similar we are.

 I write to make connections first with myself and then with others.

I came to my own writing through what seems a lifetime of teaching literature and editing the writings of others.

The sea, New Zealand where I was born, and the photographic eye, all run like restless threads through my writing.

The more you write, the more you will find your own perennial themes informing your work.

Because I live on both sides of the literary fence as a writer of non-fiction and fiction, and as an editor of both genres
I understand the pressures and frustrations of the writer and the very different pressures and yes, the frustrations of the publisher.


Your writing journey

The writing journey, from idea to publication is complex and difficult to negotiate yourself. As a professional editor, writer and teacher of writing, I offer the following services to assist you.
1. Writing Workshops

2. Manuscript Assessment

Where you can learn, practise and receive encouragement, are an excellent way to begin your journey. You will start to feel part of a community of writers.  (Location: Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast QLD.) I offer an unbiased report, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript and suggesting changes to bring your work to a publishable standard.

3. A Professional Edit

4. Ongoing Tuition and Guidance

A line by line, word by word analysis of your writing. My goal is to strengthen your writing voice and provide utmost clarity and enjoyment for the reader.
Writing can be a lonely occupation and taxing on your self esteem. I enjoy giving ongoing tuition and support, either individually, or in small group sessions at my home at Coolum Beach.
5. School Visits - Welcome a Writer About Rose

Self expression is an affirmation of identity and writing is one of the best ways children can learn about their uniqueness and also, what connects them to other people.

suit your particular school situation and the requirements of your students, I offer group talks and specialised workshops.
Rose Allan, a New Zealander, lives at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. She is a prizewinning author and editor, and a highly skilled and experienced writing tutor.


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