This wonderfully evocative book is an eloquent celebration of the unique beauty of Noosa National Park in coastal south-east Queensland. For Rosemary Allan, photographer and writer, three years spent photographing the Park in all weathers and seasons was a labour of love.

In a matchless blend of pictures and words she captures the very essence of this rugged headland, so compact in size yet so crammed with splendour. ‘Walk with me now in companionable wilderness,’ invites the author and takes the reader on a journey of discovery over convoluted rocks to sandy crescents and water of startling clarity; across rocky headlands to the crashing of waves and awesome ramparts at Hell’s Gates; up into the high heathland, ‘seared by the sun, trammelled by the wild salt wind’, to share in the unexpected glory of its spring flowering; into serene woodland glades and the sacred calm of the rainforest.

Spirit of Noosa is a passionate and lyrical exploration of what wilderness means to us, and a plea for it’s survival. ‘Love this – love all the wild earth, for we are its breath, its tides ride in our veins – our fates inseparable.’

‘Rosemary Allan is a poet with the camera as well as with the pen. Her book is not just another tourist brochure type of publication…it is a sensitive, detailed study of a place she has recorded with love and understanding….with the publication of this beautiful book, visitors will be able to view with new perception this unique area…it is a voice for the environment and an invaluable guide for locals and visitors alike.’
Nancy Cato, author of 'The Noosa Story'


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