Concept Development


At the heart of all your writing is a concept or idea on which everything else hangs. When you first start writing it is often not easy to know where this concept may take you, nor how best to develop it.

This is where I can come in to help you tease out and deepen your thoughts so the writing becomes a strong expression of something significant to you. Often I can show writers possibilities that are new to them.

The sooner you develop clarity around your concept the more energetic and focused your writing will become. And the more confident you will feel.

It is ideal to sit down with me when you are in the early stages of  tossing ideas around and have some writing to show me. Please don't hesitate because you think your idea is too nebulous, the fact that you have it, is interesting in itself.

For this service I charge $175. 


You were there from the start. Without you I couldn't have done it.' Sue McPherson, author of 'Grace Beside Me' winner of the 2010 Black and Write Award  and the State Library of Queensland  Indigenous Writing Fellowship 2011. 

'Rose, my marvellous writing mentor, thank you for being there for me...'' Alana Vaney, author of "Broken Time' and 'When the Mountains Spoke.'

Tuition and mentoring

There are many advantages to individual tuition with a teacher you can trust.

  • Privacy: the story you are working on may seem too private to share with others.
  • Time flexibility: you can determine the length of individual sessions and how often they occur.
  • Intense focus: you can learn a great deal about writing in 90 minutes or thereabouts, when you and your manuscript are the sole focus of your tutor.
  • Continual feedback and encouragement: helps your dedication and perseverance.
  • I can assist you with both fiction, non fiction and poetry. Memoir, short fiction, novels, travel, self help and virtually anything you care to put your thoughts and pen to.


The ideal situation is to sit down with me over a coffee and your manuscript, at my home at Coolum Beach – a veritable sanctuary for writers. And I can also work with you on line.

Fee: $95  for a 90 minute session.

Or, we can communicate on the phone and through email. 
'This last piece of editorial work leaves me deeply indebted to you. At each point you have put your finger on something - a word, an image, a piece of syntax, an absence, which had overtly or covertly troubled me, or left me dissatisfied with the writing.  

It is (to me) astonishing that a person can so thoroughly understand another's writing, not just technically but as it were from the inside. And - even more to the point - the amendments you have suggested in each case go directly to what I was trying to achieve, both in substance and effect....And you have said some things about my writing at large, which really means about my whole understanding of life. This seems to me most remarkable.' 
Peter Newall


'I'm trawling through the work we did yesterday and feeling so grateful for your truly exceptional skills. Your understanding and vision as mentor and adviser have been of great benefit to my writing.''
Annah Faulkner

‘Working one-on-one with Rose Allan is an amazing journey. She has the knack of putting herself in your moccasins, feeling exactly what you want to convey in your story. She asks the questions you need to answer to get the best out of every page. And she is so thorough with the correct wording and punctuation; one feels the flow when reading the finished work. I really enjoyed each session with her.’ Beatrice Knight

'One on one tutoring with you has fast tracked my editing and story skills. I like the way you coach me to intensify and sharpen my writing until what emerges is clear, concise story telling I’m proud of. Our discussions too have broadened my approach and always give me new things to think about. They teach me as much as your question – ‘What are you trying to say?’' Kerry Mulgrew
Tuition (small group) - In my home at Coolum Beach
Small friendly groups of no more than three people, meet fortnightly at my place for inspiration and ongoing critique of their work. This is an excellent way to build your confidence and your skills as a writer.

By committing to this group venture the writer turns from being a hobbyist to being a professional deliberately dedicating regular time to learning the craft.

I have seen writers steadily progress from initial uncertainty to confidence in writing in new genres and with different voices; to winning awards and being published. Making like-minded friends is a bonus!
Times: Monday and Tuesday afternoons, 2-5pm. Wednesday evenings, 6-9 pm, for the diurnally challenged. Other times can be arranged.

Fee: $55.00 group session. $95.00 individual 1.5 hrs.

‘I cannot describe the excitement I felt when I was informed that I had won my first short story competition. I would never have written a short story let alone enter one in a competition if it wasn’t for the help and support of Rose and the members of the writing group. So thank you Rose for your wise words and inspiration.’ Mandy

‘The group brings warmth to the aloneness of writing. It keeps me on my toes, no sloppy writing or clichés. The deadline keeps me productive. And it is a delight to listen to others’ work and to be a part of their journey. Alchemy.’ Julie

'Thank you for a great class last week. Sitting with you and other writers and receiving such a variety of input is invaluable to my writing. I was reading some of my work from when I first started your class about six months ago – the difference I now see in my writing is remarkable. I didn’t realize how much I had learned. Thank you for your patience and expertise.' Tracy
My heartfelt congratulations to the many writers who have worked with me. It has been such an enjoyable journey - and whether or not you win awards, the  joy must always be in the writing...


Betty and Peter Rowe, memoir ‘The Sun in my Heart’ 2021

Chris Cantor, novel ‘Fisher of Souls’ 2020

Leigh Bradshaw, Memoir ‘You had me at Hola’ 2019

Annah Faulkner,
novel 'The Beloved' shortlisted 2013 Miles Franklin Award; Winner Kibble Literary Award 
2013,          Winner 2011 Qld Premier's Literary Award for Emerging Writer. And in 2014  her second novel, 'Explosion in the Dynamite Factory', has been accepted for publication by Pan Macmillan.

Sue McPherson, Co-Winner Black & Write Indigenous Fellowship, 2010, for her novel 'Grace Beside Me'

subsequently chosen as a White Raven at the Bologna Childrens' Book Fair and shortlisted for the Prime                      Minister's Literary Award, 2013.

Alana Vaney, two young adult novels. 'Broken Time' 2014 and 'When the Mountains Spoke' 2016.


Meg McNaught,  Ist Prize Short Story, Sunshine Coast Literary Assn. 2011, Winner Short Fiction Prize in Country Style

Magazine 2013 for her story 'Finding the Sea'.

Kerry Mulgrew,  1st Prize Poetry, Sunshine Coast Literary Assn.2011.

Julie Chilvers,  Winner 2013 Sunshine Coast Literary Awards for short fiction. Winner of the Albury City Short Story Award. And short fiction publications internationally.


John Huessler published 'Footprints' 2010,  Historical Fiction,  and 'To Catch a Min Min' 2014 A Biography of his father, Jack Heussler.


Laurie Dicker  published 'Dust, Dags, Drongos and Flies'  20122, stories of the outback.


Jonny Aston published 'Yours Hopefully' 2012, Memoir.


Maggie Counihan published 'Backpacking to Freedom, Solo at Sixty'  2010, and in 2012, 'Bring on the Birthdays!'                                      

Audrey Langdon published 'Life's a Bitch - so build a bridge and get over it' 2010 Memoir.


Annie Clark  published 'Walk it Out - A Kokoda Experience' 2009, Memoir.

Jacqueline Scott published 'Making Grandma Memories,' 2009.

Lauraine Clout published 'Poppa's Flying up there with Jesus' 2007.


Gillian Karas published 'Into the Unknown, a Migrant's Story' 2001.

Cecily Slade published 'A little Million Dollar Shop' 1999.

And a special mention to Joy Grange for her courageous novel about her father, 'Beyond Secrets' published in 2011, the year Joy turned 90.                                    

This is what Joy has to say: 'Does everyone have a special day which marks the turning point of her endeavours? My special day came twelve years ago the day I presented my fledgling manuscript to Rose.

She said, 'yes, Joy, I will take care of your writing and your fledgling will fly!'

NB your book will not necessarily take as long as twelve years but I will encourage you to build your vision and anchor it in words...and sometimes that takes a while.

Contact Rose about one-on-one mentoring and group tuition. Or the development of your writing concept.

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