‘Writing from the Heart' is my most acclaimed workshop. Previously known as ‘Writing from the Heart’
I have been presenting it for over 15 years and I feel strongly about its value as a practical and exciting way into the often baffling process of writing and into the mystery of our own hearts.

In an exploratory, creative atmosphere which honours and celebrates your individuality, ‘Finding the Writer in You’ helps you to look beneath the surface of your life and to find your authentic voice.

You will use your own experiences and passions to draw upon your unique story. You will be shown a process which allows you to tap directly into your creative brain with its sensitivity to emotion, image and the unforced rhythms of language.

You will be surprised how easily your words tumble forth. You may be excited and even awed at what appears.

With your analytical mind you will then structure, clarify and polish your words so they shine and resonate with other people.

When you write like this from the heart, it is not hard work at all – looking for a deeper meaning, making connections, fossicking around in the memory of the rich garden of your life. It is the loveliest thing – for suddenly you see that everything has significance.

‘’Finding the Writer in You’’ is an active hands-on workshop. You will be astonished at the amount of writing you do. You will also be astonished how different your writing is on the second day from the first. Initial apprehension is overtaken by a feeling of personal power and the excitement of discovery.

What you will gain:

  • A joy in writing.
  • An understanding of the writing process.
  • The two vital rules that will breathe life into your writing.
  • The courage to dig deep and draw on your own experiences.
  • The easy techniques to switch on your creative brain.
  • The even easier, but often ignored, techniques to switch on your editing brain.
  • And you will enjoy a sharing with like-minded people.

Who will benefit by attending?
  • If you are new to writing and want to understand the process of writing and gain maximum benefit and enjoyment
     for the hours you devote to your practice – then this is for you.
  • If you are interested in writing and have perhaps tried a number of different genres but have no idea whether you
    are any good – then this is for you.
  • If you have been writing for some time but feel your writing has not yet ‘lifted off’ – then, this is for you.
  • If you wish to focus on uncovering and crafting your personal story – then, this is for you.
  • If you primarily write non-fiction and would like to learn how to elevate your writing and engage your readers
    by learning fiction techniques – then this is for you.

Magic takes place in this workshop. As you begin to tap into your own creative power and energy you may view past experiences in a different light. People are often transformed by what they discover about themselves and others.


It abolished the self-consciousness of writing allowing me to write from a much deeper centre. I cannot recommend the course highly enough.’ Annah, 2011 winner of the Marian Eldridge Award for emerging authors and of the Longlines Varuna program and in 2011 winner of Qld Premier's Literary Award for Emerging Writer, 2013, shortlisted Miles Franklin Award and winner of the Kibble Literary Award

‘An extremely valuable workshop. Very professional.’ Austin

'I think I was in extremis when I did your workshop. I laid down some demons as a result of it. You are a brilliant and caring teacher.' Alana

‘You have provided the right environment and inspiration for someone like me who had only once before written more than a page voluntarily! This weekend I discovered a joy in writing that I hadn’t thought possible. At last the right side of my brain has moved out of first gearHelen

‘Through your workshop my writing style really developed and my manuscript evolved into a book. You helped reawaken a passion for writing.’ Rensina

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